Ronald is making hats and scarves for charity. He has enough yarn to make 5 hats and 8 scarves. It takes him 12 hours to knit a hat and 6 hours to knit a scarf; he has 20 hours to knit. Let x represent the number of hats made. Let y represent the number of scarves made. Which inequalities are among the constraints for this situation?Select each correct answer.y≤8y≤85x+8y≤205x+8y≤2012x+6y≤2012x+6y≤20x+y≤20x+y≤20x≤5

Accepted Solution

You have two restrictions. A restriction of hours, and a quantity restriction.Let's call:x represent the number of hats made.y represent the number of scarves made.For the restriction of hours we have that the inequality is:12x + 6y≤20For the restriction of quantity the inequalities are:y≤8x≤5Therefore, the restrictions that best represent the problem are:  12x + 6y≤20y≤8x≤5