Please Help: Reaner Recycling collected 7/4 ton of aluminum last Saturday. If 7/8 ton of aluminum can be shredded each day, how many days will it take to process what was collected on Saturday? To tie-die on T-Shirt, 3/8 cup of dye is needed. The table shows the number of cups each color of die in Mr. Rodriguez's art class. How many T-Shirts will each flower bed contain.                                         Amount of dye                                       Color     Number of cups                                       Red             12                                        Orange       3/4 Natasha is setting tiles along the baseboard in her bathroom. One side of the bathroom is 18 3/4 feet. Each tile is 1 1/2 feet long.

Accepted Solution

Well, I only know the answer to the first one (Sorry!!)
First you have to divide 7/4 by 7/8, or 7/4 x 8/7. That equals 56/28, an improper fraction. So, you divide 56 by 28, which equals 2.
So, it will take 2 days to process what was collected on Saturday.