18. The table shows the amount of money in a savings account after several weeksWeekSavings$125$140$155$170$185$200a. Is the sequence arithmetic or geometric? Explain. Find the common difference or commonb. Write a recursive formula for the sequencec. Write an explicit formula for the sequence

Accepted Solution

Answer:a. Arithmetic b. [tex]a_{n} = a_{n-1} + 15[/tex] c. [tex]a_{n} = 15n + 125[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:A sequence is arithmetic when the difference between one term and the next is a constant. On the other hand, a sequence is geometric when the next term is found by multiplying the previous by a constant.In this case, the next term of the sequence can be found by adding $15. Therefore, the sequence is ARITHMETIC ✔️The recursive formula will be the following: [tex]a_{n} = a_{n-1} + 15[/tex]The explicit formula is the following: [tex]a_{n} = 15n + 125[/tex]